T Series 90 degree helical cone bevel agricultural gearbox


1.T series spiral bevel gear reducer

2.T spiral bevel gear reduction low speed or high-speed transmission are equal.
3. Low noise, slight vibration, and high bear. Smoothly transmission, little noise & vibration, good bearing adequacy
4 Technical data: Torque Range: Up to 5000N. M
Input Power Rating: 0.12kw to 96 KW
Ratio: 1:1/  1:1.5/   1:2 /  1:2.5/  1:3   

Product Name
T series spiral bevel gear reducer
Gear type
Bevel gears
Blue or Grey or custom
Structure Options
Single output shaft / Double output shafts / Three output shafts

High-quality output shaft

Brand new standard shaft, multi-precision machining, through strict dynamic and static balance test, to ensure low noise and smooth operation of the reducer.

Premium housing material

The box body is made of HT200 material, which is cleaned by professional screening and cleaning equipment to ensure that the inner cavity of the box is clean and free of iron filings.

Premium housing material

20CrMn titanium-low carbon alloy steel

Imported gear grinding machine processing, high hardness, stable performance.

In vacuum furnace carburizing heat treatment, the carburizing layer is uniform.