Transverse shaft T steering gearbox T4 speed increasing gearbox for agriculture


T Series Spiral Bevel Gear Steering Device

1.T series spiral bevel redirecor with various types are standardized,all ratios 1:1 1.5:1 2:1 2.5:1 3:1 4:1 and 5:1 are actual ones.Average efficiency is 98%.

2. One input shaft, two input shafts, a unilateral output shaft, and a double side output shaft.

3. Spiral bevel gear can rotate in both directions and transmit smoothly, with low noise, slight vibration, and high performance.

4. If the ratio is not 1:1, if input speed on the single-extendable shaft, output speed will be reduced;

if input speed on the double- an extendable shaft, output speed will be reduced.