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▲Our History

EVER-POWER GROUP CO.LTD. is a specialist in making all kinds of mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission like: sprocket, worm reducer, gear and rack,planetary gearbox, chain,V pulley, PTO shaft,bearing,agricultural gearbox, helical bevel gear and other related products,hydraulic system,fluid coupling,udl speed variators, screw air compressors,shaft collars low backlash worm reducers and so on. Furthermore, we can produce customized variators, geared motors, electric motors and other hydraulic products according to customers'drawings.

Our Product

Worm reducer, Sprocket, Planetary Gearbox,   Helical bevel gear, V pulleys, PTO shaft, Screw Air Compressor,Pulleys,Gear and Racks,Coupling,Bushes and Hubs,Agricultural Gearbox,Drive Chains,Screw Jack,Speed Variators,Motor Base,Electric Motors,Shaft Collar,Super Power Lock,Slewing Bearing,Air Compressors,Electrical Transaxle,Vacuum Pumps,Torque Arm,Hydraulic System.

Product Application

Automobile industry,Industrial equipment,Agricultural equipment,Aerospace equipment

Our Certificate


Production Equipment

We staff over 1500 workers, and have cnc  turning machines and cnc work centers.

We are one of the best manufacturer and  supplier in china,choose quality manufacturers, suppliers,exporters at Ever-power.

Production Market

While "reasonable price, prompt delivery time" to establish a good reputation among customers, the company has a number of domestic users and manufacturers to establish a solid relationship between supply and demand. while 80% of the company's products are exported to the united states, germany, japan, italy, malaysia, australia, the middle east and other countries and regions.

Our service

Also I would like to take this opportunity to give a brief introduction of our Ever-Power company:

We have exported many products to our customers all over the world, we have long-time experience and strong technology support. 

Some of our customer :



France: Itfran, Sedies

Brazil: AEMCO ,STU 

USA: John Deere , BLOUNT, Weasler, Agco, Omni Gear, WOODS

Canada: JAY-LOR , CANIMEX ,RingBall


-Ø Our Company with over twelve year's history and 1000 workers and 20 sales.

-Ø With over 100 Million USD sales in 2017

-Ø With advance machinery equipments

-Ø With large work capacity and high quality control, ISO certified.


you also can check our website to know for more details, if you need our products catalogue, please contact with us.